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Estetica Medica was born thanks to the huge experience gained in the surgical field by its founder and Health Care Administrator, dr. Matteo Caffi. In a time where both people and media show more and more interest in plastic surgery, which is however often poorly performed, dr. Caffi and other qualified specialists provide a highly professional, innovative, scientific and multidisciplinary medical-surgical service focused particularly, but not only, on aesthetics, keeping constantly abreast of the latest technologies and abilities, pursuing the goal of non-invasiveness, with full regard to people's health and reasonably evaluating the customer's possible expense.

All the medical and surgical procedures performed to improve the looks, rejuvenate the skin and the appearance, and to fix congenital and acquired flaws have reached now a much higher level of success and satisfaction thanks to brand new substances, technologies, materials and methods. Physiotherapy, advanced medications, safe and adequate facilities are mixed together in order to achieve the best results through less invasive and traumatic techniques, assuring at the same time a quick or even immediate recovery. A synergy created by our experience, professionalism and respect for our patients' safety.

Nowadays the medical-surgical approach to aesthetics has become multidisciplinary, and offers therefore new opportunities for people of both sexes and all ages, such as better results, no post-operative complications and more affordable costs in line with the achievable degree of satisfaction. We believe that cultural and social evolution led to a greater attention to aesthetics, making people see aesthetic surgery under a more modern and correct point of view, more as self-care, health and well-being rather than shallowness and vanity. Aesthetic procedures that were once affordable only by a small Úlite are now much more approachable, improving people's personal hygiene in the most comfortable and satisfactory possible way. The pharmaceutical, medical and surgical scene is so wide that our goal here is to choose among the many available treatments the ones that will give the best results causing no damage to health whatsoever, and to explain to our customers their values and limits.

For further information feel free to contact us, we will set up a first appointment with the specialist who can best answer your questions, during which your needs will be evaluated according to the best treatment for your situation, the possible final results, your means and schedule. There is no obligation on your part whatsoever, which means that you will undergo the therapy only if you really want to and that you can stop it at any time.

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